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  • A bright LED lamp  
  • Energy efficient lamp that tilts up & down
  • Powered by 3 AAAs
  • Attractive belt in various colors
  • Two adjustable sizes to fit most
  • Affordable & easy to use 

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Plus a 1 year warranty.  
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Accessories LA
Unable to see obstructions on the ground, she twisted her ankle. Her problem led her to a solution.  
"I imagined a belt that would light the ground as I walk.... less than 48 hours later, I had created the first prototype, my sister Sandra put it on and we tested in the back yard."  Less than a week later, the two of us had started Accessories LA to offer the LIGHTWALKER to other walkers in America."  recalls Sonia.
Sonia with her dogs, all rescues L-R 
Bauer (Husky), Kato (Husky mix)
Derby (Lab-Pitbul mix), Vago (Chow mix)
Sandra with dogs she rescued, Chihuahuas Lucy 
and Ricky Ricardo and Beagle mix Cobe
Sisters Sonia & Sandra Alvarado co-founders of Accessories L.A. and creators of the LIGHTWALKER belt, are Emmy Award winners with a background in TV production.  In November of 2010 they used their creativity to develop a belt that lights the ground.  As animal rescuers they also committed to donating from profits of LIGHTWALKER belts to shelters & rescue organizations in the U.S.

The idea for the LIGHTWALKER  belt was born out of necessity.  Sonia was walking her 4 dogs by herself one evening and didn't have a free hand for a flashlight. 

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               The belt that lights the way